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The Services I offer

Web Developer

I have experience building the front end of several websites such as MySocialInvite and Anecka using popular front-end frameworks and languages such as Twitter Boostrap and jQuery while working at Anecka.


I currently have several apps on both the Android & iOS markets built using Phonegap/Cordova. You can check out my apps in my Portfolio.


Concerning web frameworks, I have experience using Ruby on Rails, Laravel, Knockout JS, AngularJS, and Ember. In the mobile world I primarly use the Ionicframework.


I have dabbled in Expression Engine, but Build with Craft is my true love. In fact, Craft was used in building this website :-)

Howdy, I'm Andrew Clinton!

I'm a "full stack developer" who also dabbles in the app world in both the Android and iOS markets using the Ionicframework. I currently work at Anecka where I partake in the building and maintaining of client websites and apps. My boss is Patrick Pohler and he is my web Jedi Master. In my free time I like making the internet a prettier place :-)

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Web Design




Javascript / jQuery


Back End / RoR / Laravel

The works I am proud of


Social network for young professionals

MySocialInvite was the first complete project I worked on at Anecka. I was tasked with taking our designers PSD's and turning them into static HTML, and later injecting them with RoR. MSI was also my first exposure to using a CSS framework, Twitter Boostrap. This project was also my first go at dealing with a backend framework and html templating.

Death to the Stock Photo

Free monthly photos

DTTSP was the second project I got to work on at Anecka from the start. I again got the chance to refine my twitter boostrap skills along with learning how to use the awesome Masonry plugin for awesome photo effects.

Aaron's Cutting Edge

Quality lawn care service


Gold Score Buddy

A simple golf score card

I began playing golf pretty steadily in the summer of 2013 and realized two things. 1) It was super annoying trying to write your score down by hand on a score card. 2) All of the other golf score cards in the Goole Play and App Store had way too many features/ were overly complicated.

With the above two realizations in mind, I decided that I should help the golfing community out by making an app to resolve these two issues. Golf Score Buddy was designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. You can find it in both the Goole Play and App Store.

Grades Calculator

A simple Grades Calculator

This app was also created out of a desire to fix a need I saw among college students. There are a lot of grade calculators out there that have ever bell and whistle out there, but I couldn't find any that were simple and concise in their purpose and design. Thus, Grades Calculator was born!

This app is currently being redesigned and merged with another Grades Tracking app that I put out on the Google Play Store. Grades Calculator was the first app I ever released on the Market, so it has it's obvious flaws and immaturities which are being fixed in the upcoming, new and improved Grade Calculator.

Grades Needed

Find the grade you need

I created this app to target a specific need when handling your college grades...what grade do I need to pass this class?? Every college student faces this monsterous dilemma, so I decided to create an app to help those students.

This app will soon be merged with Grades Calculator to bring to the Google Play store an app that is both simple and powerful. You will be able to easily track your class grades, but also calculate the grade you need to get that A+ .

Color Rush

Test your wits & speed

This game was started from the simple idea that I am color blind. I can't give away too many details because it is still in development, but the game will target both the young and old, and be fun for all!

Keep in Touch with me

I am reachable pretty much 24/7 by either text or email. I keep a pretty busy schedule juggling work, school, and personal projects, but if you would like to get a cup of coffee and talk tech/design/web, then hit me up ASAP!

Andrew Clinton
2997 Indianola Ave.
Columbus, OH 43229
(614) 779 - 9600